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van Paul en Janet  Weelde - België Datum: woensdag, 19 juli 2006
Familie en vrienden,

Wat vreselijk dat we afscheid moesten nemen.

Wij wensen de Familie en Veronique veel sterkte.

Paul en Janet
van Jim S.  USA Datum: woensdag, 19 juli 2006
I met Tommy Wonder about 20 years ago. I am a better magician and, more importantly, an better person for having crossed his path.
van Mehdi Shahri Far  Toronto , Canada Datum: zondag, 16 juli 2006
The World Of Magic Missed a Professional Creator Who Put all His Life For Magic.Let\'s To Help His Family about Every Problem They May Have.
van Bill Palmer  Houston, Texas Datum: zondag, 16 juli 2006
It is so difficult for me to say how I felt about Tommy and his magic without sounding maudlin and effusive. I think everyone who ever saw him perform felt his great artistry. Everyone who read his books has an inkling of the great depth of knowledge he had.

I had the pleasure of sitting around the coffee table with him and discussing art and magic. That was also a very great pleasure.

The world of magic has been lessened by his passing.

Tommy is one of the giants upon whose shoulders all magicians stand.
van Darcy Brown  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Datum: zaterdag, 15 juli 2006
Words cannot effectively express the intense shock and sorrow that I felt upon hearing the news. I was first introduced to the magic of Mr. Wonder in around 1998 or 99, whilst watching a broadcast of the World Magic Awards. Having never seen or heard of this man before, I had no idea of what lay in store for me. I sat motionless as he performed his exquisite stage act; luckily I had taped the show, and on repeat viewings the beauty of the piece was no less mesmerising. I had been studying magic for about five years at that stage, and nothing up until then had inspired me like that performance. It remains the single best piece of magic I have ever had the pleasure of seeing - the stunning combination of the Cups and Balls, the Orange, Lemon, Egg and Canary, and the Zombie Ball stayed in my mind long after the show was over; as I write this I cannot help but hum the music - that was what magic is supposed to be.

After reading (and re-reading) The Books of Wonder, the genius of this man's philosophies on magic, art and performance are forever entrenched in my mind. He was forever willing to strive for perfection in his work; that, and his attention to detail, will forever remain legendary. He was one of the very few who could make you believe that what you were experiencing was real magic; the only magical performer of modern times who gave the impression that he was the genuine article - a real magician, pure and simple.

Farewell to the greatest magician of his time, and indeed perhaps of all time... his influence and, more importantly, his inspiration, will I'm sure be felt for many years to come. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. Perhaps I'm stating the obvious (something of which Tommy would hardly have approved), but he will be greatly missed. Farewell to my favourite performer, my favourite magician, and to a great artist.

Darcy Brown
Victoria, Australia
van Joe Hernandez  Hillsborough, NJ Datum: zaterdag, 15 juli 2006
We have lost a great talent. The pages of magical history will no doubt have an entire chapter dedicated to Tommy Wonder.
van Juan Carlos Rodarte  Mexico Datum: donderdag, 13 juli 2006
A true magician that has left us with his deep knowledge and understanding of our art. It´s a great loss for the magic world, but we have the task of keeping his legacy alive...
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