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by Tom Stone  Sweden Dated: Thursday 27 July, 2006
Favourite memory: When the participants at the week long workshop that we arranged here in Sweden was exhausted after an intensive brainstorming session, and we decided to play catch out on the grass, just to get the energy up again. Serious adult magicians and you, a legend, all running around chasing each other, laughing like happy children. The sun was shining, a warm breeze moved the leaves and I remember thinking, "I will never forget this moment. This is what it's all about!"

Thank you for showing me that beauty could be expressed through magic, and thank you for being a friend.
by Ed Andres  Colorado, USA Dated: Thursday 27 July, 2006
Only thing I could think of, was to look up Wonder in the dictionary:

Wonder: n.
1. a. One that arouses awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration; a marvel.
b. The emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring, astounding, or marvelous: gazed with wonder at the northern lights.

2 An event inexplicable by the laws of nature; a miracle.

Tommy... all of the above!
Rest in Peace
by Roland Grall  France Dated: Wednesday 26 July, 2006
The angel took Tommy under is wings, your magic will be for eternity safe by his work.
I had a chance to meet Tommy and to had a discussion with him. For always in my mind.
Tommy gave us a great lesson of this Art. His Art. For that I say MERCI.
by Maggie Tucker( Bonner)  UK Dated: Saturday 22 July, 2006
Dearest Jos
I am so saddened and upset that the world has lost such a wonderful artiste and gentleman. But I have all the wonderful memories of the time we spend together after we first met at the British Ring Convention in Brighton in 1980.
You were manning Theo Timmerman's stand and doing magic back at the headquarter hotel, after seeing you I told Mike Gancia, who promptly put you on the International Close-up Show. I remember Janet (Clare) and I both assisting you, and both of us were bowled over by your charm, good-looks and brilliant magic especially the cup and ball routine using the tassel on your draw-string bag, as the ball. No matter how many times I saw it (over the years) I never caught you load the ball or saw the bag being loaded as your finale. You explained that you had studied misdirection over the years in order to perfect it... which you certainly did! You were one of the few masters of misdirection.
Later that year we met up when you lectured at the Birmingham Magical Society and then came down to Malvern, I remember it was misty and you were disappointed you could not see the hills!
Then the following year you came over for the Great Yarmouth Convention and later that year I went over to stay with you in Lisse. I remember your love of raw herring which you got from the herring stalls in Amsterdam, and when we went through the "red light district" your embarrassment when one of the girls called out "Hello Jos!" to you.
It was always a joy to see you at the various conventions where we would meet up, you were always so supportive with a lovely, gentle sense of humour.
You were one of the first to congratulate me, after I performed in the close-up competition at FISM in 1991 and, after I came 3rd, at Ron MacMillan's International Magic close-up competition in 1988.
You were so sweet to me and gave me such confidence and good advice on what tricks I should do that would suit my personality.
I admired you so much and especially loved the beauty and artistry of your stage act with the birdcage and singing canary. You were an inspiration to me and to so many
Rest in peace dearest Jos and - as you once wrote to me - Thanks for the good times. Maggie xxx
by Véronique Ross   Dated: Saturday 22 July, 2006
Lieve Tommy,

Inmiddels is het 23 jaar geleden dat Richard en ik samen het Magic Art Center in Bennebroek oprichtten,
Jij was één van de eerste die als vriend en collega daar vaak te vinden was.
De 1 ste maandagen van de maand, maar daarnaast ook gewoon gezellig.

Nadat Richard 5 jaar geleden overleed, heb ik veel steun aan je gehad en heb je
het Magic Art Center samen met mij weten met contacten met de hele wereld.
Wij hebben samen congressen bezocht en vaak in jury's gezetten...En nog nog veel meer!!!

Ik dank je heel hartelijk voor al jouw inzet en geloof in het Magic Art Center.

Chéri, doe boven de groeten aan Richard...

Veel veel

Bon voyage!
by Gerard Scanlan  The Netherlands Dated: Thursday 20 July, 2006
The world of magic has lost one of its true artists. Tommy Wonder painted his dreams in time and space how very fortunate we are to have witnessed his creative genius. May his spirit live on in the legacy of the work has left us.
by Jimmy Carlo  England Dated: Thursday 20 July, 2006
I was really saddened by the loss to us all of Tommy Wonder. I met and spoke to him a few times when he came to England and his help and advice was always given with enthusiasm.
He will be sadley missed by many.
Rest in peace Tommy.

You are in our prayers

Jimmy Carlo
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