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by Dani DaOrtiz  Malaga, España Dated: Friday 30 June, 2006
Como tantas otras veces me encuentro aquí hablándote.

Gracias por todo maestro...

Hasta siempre.
Dani DaOrtiz
by Raymond Crowe  South Australia Dated: Friday 30 June, 2006
Tommy Wonder an inspiration to so many, how fortunate we are that he was here.

My thoughts go to his family and friends.
by James Alan  Canada Dated: Friday 30 June, 2006
To Tommy's family and friends, my heart felt condolences. Though I never met him in person, his published works touched my magic and my life in ways I cannot begin to describe. I think that for the rest of my life, every salt shaker, alarm clock and ringbox I see will cause me to smile inside.

However, reading everyone else’s kind words, I believe that the sadness that we all feel at his loss pales in comparison to the inspiration and joy he brought to the world.

Tommy - You will be missed

James Alan
by Klas Lööf, Sweden   Dated: Friday 30 June, 2006
Farewell Tommy,
I had the great fortune to learn from you when you visited Sweden in the 80's and last year. You have contributed so greatly to the art and so generously to the community. You are missed by so many. Your work, your thinking and your contributions have made you a legend.
by Luis Espino  Mexico Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
Tommy, you are one of the greats, and as long as we all perform some of your magic, you will live on. I met you only once and you touched my magic life in a big way, and you didn't even perform magic for me you just gave me a big smile and some advice and that showed the great person behind. THANK YOU TOMMY WONDER!

Condolences go to Tommy's family and friends on behalf of the Mexican Magicians.
by Grant Willcox  UK Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
I for one am deeply saddened by his death; for me, he was perhaps the 'definitive' icon for the classic magician, and perhaps
the last of an era of superb Dutch magicians. One recalls the names of Fred Kaps and Richard Ross....and now we sadly
lose Tommy Wonder.

I recall seeing Tommy for the first time in 1979 at the one-off BMS convention; as well as the likes of Burger & Williamson,
came Tommy Wonder - a slight, intense gentleman, with captivating magic that pulled you in, then blew you away. I got fooled many,
many times after that - mostly whilst watching that damn cups & balls routine!

Luckily we have classic Books Of Wonder to remind us of his sheer brilliance, and total mastery of the art of 'attention direction'

I am very sure, like me, he will live on in the hearts of many magicians across the planet and I trust the world over will share our loss,
as well as celebrate the unique life of a real magical champion and a 'wonderful' guy.

- Grant Willcox
by Gerhard Hessling  Velserbroek Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
Beste Jos,
Geschokt venam ik dat het allemaal zo snel was gegaan.
Zo snel na het congres 2006 in Rotterdam.
Ben blij dat ik je daar nog even gezien en gesproken heb.

Goede herinneringen blijven bestaan......

The book of wonder is closed...
But not forgotten....

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