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by Alex Conradi (Italy)  Amsterdam Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
What a shock!! I can`t believe.... I will never forget his great advice and humanity that gave me , the inspiration that took over.
Thank you Tommy its a sad day...but you are still alive!! The magic that you left us will keep you with Us .
Thank you.
by Miss Ning  Singapore Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
You've been a wonderful inspiration and teacher, Mr. Tommy Wonder. It was a fantastic experience meeting you at my first magic convention... without any airs, you epitomised grace and your teachings have always been very clever & insightful. Your legacy lives on, and your magic will continue in the hearts of all who have had the oppurtunity to know you and your work.

The world has lost a present day master of magic... You are dearly missed.

Rest in peace sir. Know that you are loved.

Yours from Singapore,
Ning Cai
by Mark Burns  UK Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
As a relative newcomer to magic, Tommy entered and touched my life through his DVDs, and inspires me as to how magic should be.

As a human with 43 years experience, the tributes of those who knew Tommy through personal contact have also touched my life, and inspires me as to how people should be.

In this time of immense sadness for those who shared time and love with Tommy, I sincerely hope they can take some small solace in the fact that I, as a complete stranger, have been touched by the loss of a wonderful magician and, perhaps more importantly, a wonderful person.

He achieved more in his short time with us as a magician and as a person than most could aspire to.

Though time was cut short, it was time that had such an immense impact on many - even strangers.

My love and thoughts go out to family and friends. How proud you must all feel that you shared time together with a wonderful man!

by SVEN B.  Germany Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
I knew Tommy Wonder only by his DVDs / Videos for Magicians, unfortunately I never met him personally.

We lost one of the best and most creative magicians in the world.

My deepest condolences for his family & friends.

by Daniel Lander  UK Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
You showed us all how magic really could be.

Simply the best.

My sincere condolences to Tommy's family and friends.
by Jon Racherbaumer  New Orleans, LA Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
Condolescence to Tommy's family and loved ones.

Experiencing Tommy as a performer, lecturer, and via the written word will continue to nourish anyone who was touched by him in this regard. Tommy was an artist. He had a craftsman's precision, a lapidarists eye and caring hands, and he unfailingly sought to discover and reinvigorate the "soul" in mystery...wherever he found it. I fondly remember a dinner in Venice, Italy we shared...never performing any tricks, we talked about what is really mysterious and seductive about our craft and art.

The one time I wrote something about Tommy the subject was the Uses of Silence...How apropos...

Tommy's voice may have been prematurely silenced, but his presence remains among us...which will eventually overcome our current sense of loss and sadness.
This presence consoles me now...
by Jussi Mattila  Finland Dated: Thursday 29 June, 2006
Magic of Tommy Wonder was great entertainment. My personal favourite is "The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet" -routine, the way he outwits the imaginary robber is just wonderful.

He had a skill to think his magic from the lay person's point of view as well, and he was brilliant in misdirection. He was truly a master magician.

Farewell master...
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