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by gerrie timmerman  los angeles, usa Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
Dear Jos,

Does heaven have internet? I’m sure all those messages from your friends find their way to you. It was only a few years ago, when I contacted you for my film about my father, knowing you and him were friends many years ago. Also he went to early, as did many other magicians over the last few years. Why is that? Are you guys having a convention up there?

I want to thank you for bringing back some of the Wonder of magic I lost since childhood. Your Books of Wonder are treasures in my bookcase. You write in them: “The subconscious mind knows magic infinitely better than your conscious mind can ever hope to. If you allow it, just as painters do when they create a new image, you will not conceive new magical ideas: the subconscious within you will give them to you. And those ideas are the only ones that can portray the real core that is you.”

That kind of wisdom from your books and the phone conversations we had about magic will be remembered by me forever. Thank you for showing me the way back to my magic. I’m sure you’re on your way to yours.

Gerrie Timmerman
by Christina Nyman  Luxembourg Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
Dear Tommy Wonder,

You were too young and too gifted to be allowed to go...

With deep respect
Christina Nyman
by Dale Shrimpton  England Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
One of the true greats of our art, Tommy was one of those rare things. An Inspiration.
His magic touched all those who saw it, and many who didnt. something we should all aspire too in one way or another.
I am sure that he has floated up on high, along with his cage, and his little Bird.
Rest in peace...

by Fiel John Meria  Philippines Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
Tommy Wonder is my greatest hero and idol in this art we all know and love.

This is no joke - his wisdom and his magic from his books, videos and performances have helped me more than any other source in the world.

It was my dream to one day meet him personally so I could thank him.

But now I would just like all your friends and family to know through this oppurtunity how much gratitude I owe you Mr. Wonder.

We have lost perhaps the greatest legend in magic of our time - but he is immortal through the legacy he has left the art.

Thank you very much sir!!!
by Han Timmerman  Barcelona, Spain Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
Sure, magic is also about disappearing, but in this form it is hard to accept. I feel very sad about Jos's passing and I am sure that is true for all his relatives and friends. I knew Jos from the time that the name Tommy Wonder did not yet exist. It was in the late sixties when he joined the "NBG Junioren" magic club in Haarlem. From the very first day I was impressed by his skills to do magic - real magic. The way he combined magic with psychology was unique and extremely challenging, even for experienced magicians. He certainly belongs in the short list of these very talented, big magicians. No fuzz, no huge distracting accessories, just his hands and elegantly moving fingers performing the tricks. - very impressive in his unique style and with great charm.

A long long time ago I left the world of magic at the age of 16, though I have always referred to Jos's unique way of doing magic and how he was able to use his psychological approach to surprise even magicians and let them "Wonder" how he did it. Therefor, Jos has and will continue to have a special place in my heart.

I am sure he will rest in peace while his charm and his magic will always stay in our hearts.

Han Timmerman
by Ben Roos  Almere Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
In de vele jaren van mijn loopbaan heb ik regelmatig mogen samenwerken met Tommy. En ineens is er dat bericht. Tommy is niet meer. Eerst is er ongeloof, dan een intense droefenis. Want Tommy Wonder is er altijd! Op evenementen, op meetings, met zijn collegae op workshops. Ik wens de nabestaanden veel sterkte met dit grote verlies. Ik zal altijd aan je blijven denken Tommy. En ..... amuseer ze daarboven! Rust zacht!
Ben Roos
by Mike Vincent  London Dated: Monday 03 July, 2006
A Wonder by Name

A Wonder by Nature

A Wonder to us All

Thank you Tommy for a life time of beautiful magic and inspiration

With love
Michael Vincent MIMC
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